777 inboard wing pod size/position issue

I know the issue of the pod piercing the flap has been reported. Just thought I would flag this as well if no one else has.
I have been looking at the new plane with flaps extended and just felt something isn’t right about those inboard wing pods. If you study pics you can see IRL it is mounted further forward and does not extend below the flap as it does in the IF plane.
Then if you zoom in enough the pod moves into the flap (which has been reported numerous times).
Incidentally the outboard pods look more or less correct.

This is a fairly signficant error and makes the plane in landing config look odd.


I think it’s a known issue? Not sure

Yes it’s a know issue, did you install the last update (hotfix)

Yeah the poking through the flap issue has but this is different.

They didn’t fix any graphics in that hotfix afaik

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I think this will probably be fixed as they are working on a few issues to do with the wings. Good spot though!


This one will be a tricky one to get fixed soon. But I’ll forward it and see what can be done :)


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