777 inability to hold a stable cruise altitude

Whenever i try to fly the 777 in any variant, it is unable to hold a cruise altitude. The plane will just rock up and down above and below the set cruise altitude and then the rocking becomes more and more violent and then you will stall. I use stepclimbing and it doesnt work.

I’ve never had this problem with the 777 but maybe try shifting the load about or maybe you’re just too heavy

For the time being turn off altitude and when at desired cruise level set vs to 0

This is a known problem, it will be fixed in the upcoming B777 rework. For now, use @Claudio’s point.

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It can happen when you’re VS is too high and you hit cruise, so a simple “Solution” you can call it is, when you get close to your cruise start lowing your VS in incriminates of 500 to be at roughly 500-1000VS when you hit cruise and you shouldn’t have this problem🙂

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I’ve flown the 772ER recently, and had no issue going straight to FL390. I was light weight though. No issues with it holding altitude either.

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What is your route, Weight of the Aircraft, and trim settings, if you would be keen to share.

I’d like to refer you to this post if your trim is too high (more than 7% at cruise).

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