777 fuel Consumption

So I have noticed that the 777 variants are not very realistic when it comes to fuel consumption. i have tried to do a 7000 nm flight in a 777-200LR, but i don’t have enough fuel. The range of the 777-200LR is 9000 nm. I have worked out that the best efficiency for the 777 is at 36 000 feet, but i still don’t have enough fuel (there is no wind) This isn’t only the 777-200LR. The -300ER is supposed to have enough fuel for 9500 nm. That is enough fuel to go from Seattle to Dubai. However, it still can’t make it. Maybe we should review this fuel consumption…


Im sure it’s fine, 777 has never given me trouble. Feel free to vote on the rework.
But also, how fast are you climbing and how fast are you going? Reccomend climbing no more than 2500 FPM and never go past Mach 0.85 for fuel efficiency in cruise.

Remember to step climb when you’re very heavy, as you may to be heavy for the cruise altitude you are at.

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Distance and fuel consumption will depend on weight of the aircraft.


It also depends on your weight. Try adjusting that.

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Also depends on the altitude you fly at.

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Have you tried the following for long hauls?

  • Adjusted your trim during cruise.

  • Utilized VS during climb out that doesn’t burn more fuel then necessary?

  • Step climbing

Make sure that you have a look at the winds aloft at different levels as well. http://windy.com/

Have a look here:


How are you climbing? Are you climbing direct to FL360?

Try Step climbing, planes do this in real life as it saves fuel. Basically due to an aircraft being heavier, it will burn more fuel the higher it is. So they step climb. They’ll first climb to FL300, then once they’re lighter, climb FL320, then to FL340, and finally FL360 probably around 40% done with the flight.

This will save you a lot of fuel and allow you to reach those far off destinations

Anytime these issues are presented they should be done with manuals or other technical data rather than “I thinks…”.

Without knowing how you climb, winds, power settings and other variables we have no way of knowing whether this is user error or something that needs attention.

This will be closed, but feel free to resurface it with proper data to support the concerns. Thanks!