777 for non pro sub

As the 777 is getting worked on I thought as I dont have pro sub😥 That maybe non pro sub players need a new plane, even just one of the 772 would be amazing, I hope you agree with me as the 772 is my fav plane of all time and I really want to see it with non pro sub players, thanks for checking this out, happy flights!!

It is a good idea but honestly I don’t think they will put an reworked aircraft into the free version because it is normally a reason for some to buy the pro version, and that’s what they need

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Ok i c where ur coming from

This is not going to happen…

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Because of my bad English?😅

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From Germany

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Im half german

You want to see more reworked planes … you have to buy a sub
That‘s how it works ! The devs need to earn something, too.


I mean, if you could afford, then it’s much worth buying it.

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I saddly can’t😥

Well isn’t the cub free? That’s a new one

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Please wait for the official release before coming to any conclusions on what will and will not be available. You never know what changes may be made.

There are a number of reworked planes already for non-pro. There is no need to argue about it. If you do not want it simply don’t vote for it.


I understand where you are coming from. Not everyone can afford a pro subscription. But the devs do Infinite Flight for their job. Not a job on the side and that means they need to get paid. There is many cool aircraft for non pro. Devs must get paid for there incredible job at the end of the day. Sorry bud!

Edit: As said above, it is not confirmed if it will be pro only so who knows. It might be your lucky day.

Edit 2: Check Cameron’s message below.

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Its fine I’ll live

Hahah hope it is

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Back in the day when subscriptions weren’t a thing yet I paid for it. I’m still able to fly it without a subscription. Wouldn’t seem fair for people like me to make it free now.


Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen as the 777 family is a rework and not a new aircraft. I’ve closed this to return any votes