777 Flaperon

Hi everyone,
I love the new 20.1 update and the 777 is absolutely incredible. By far my favorite airplane and such a high quality product from the IF development team.

I do have one question/suggestion though: why doesn’t the 777 have a useable flaperon? Picture below for reference

It serves as a second aileron for the aircraft. It moves with the flaps but doesn’t move with the ailerons. There’s a useable one on the 787 so it kinda baffled me why they didn’t add the feature for this aircraft. Anyone know why?

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I mean, man the engine sounds give me goose bumps. Flying to Tokyo Narita from LAX with the ANA livery:D

Thank you for directing me to a more relevant post (I thought nobody noticed the lack of this feature surprisingly). Do you reckon the IF dev team is going to add this/will tolerate more changes to the 777?

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No problem! I’m not sure honestly, but I imagine they will at some point :)

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