777 flap speeds

I’m doing a flight on the 777 200 does anyone know what the flap speeds are for landing ?

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Here’s a useful topic:

In regards to your question, here’s the offical B777-200ER flap speeds:

Maximum Flap (Placard) Speeds

Flaps KIAS
15º 215
20º 200
25º 190
30º 180

Thanks so much 🙏

No worries, happy to help.

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Those aAre flap extension limits not flap V ref speeds . He is asking for V ref speeds. Vref speeds for each flap is generally as follows when the AC is at normal capacity after a flight.

Flaps 1- 220KIAS
Flaps 5- 200KIAS
Flaps 15/20- 180KIAS
Flaps 25- 165KIAS
Flaps 30- 150KIAS

Those are the upper limits of when you first go to the next flap setting. VREF + 5 ( the approach speed for landing) for the 772 is usually 138-141KIAS with landings speed around 130-135 KIAS


You can find it in the cockpit

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its litterally so blurry in my cockpit I can’t read a thing. even with graphics all the way up

Really? I can read my flap configurations as clear as a whistle.

I was also just about to say that: you can find this info in the cockpit 😀

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You have the speeds in the cockpit 😉

hmmm interesting

Yeah sorry, my bad. I read it wrong.

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It’s also right next to the gear lever in the flight deck.

Just done a flight with those indicated flap speeds not a single problem. Thank you so much for all your help Guys Appreciate it. 🙏🙏😃

Don’t worry about it we all make mistakes 😉🙃

I just inquired about this same topic, asking for flap speeds on the B757 & B767.
Does anybody know?

I also thought the same thing, I was looking for it in the B757 & 767 and that was the only spot that had nothing on it … lol.
Still looking…

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