777 fix with 21.1

As most of us know the 777 family but is not to accurate. The flaperons don’t work and the landing isn’t good. There is no suspension + the gear moves very unrealistically when landing and taking off…

also the American livery is pretty bad my that’s not what the feature request is for

Don’t get me work the 777 in IF is amazing and no one can prove me wrong. The outsider model and the interior it’s so good. In second best if not the best 777 in a moblie flight sim.

So alll I’m asking for is to animate the flaperons and fix the landing gear.

We already have another B777 Flaperon topic which you could go and vote for

While this does not specifically request for an update for it to come out on - frankly, we can’t do that with any IF updates being honest - it’s already acknowledged by members of staff on the forum so you’ll be glad to know they also know what’s going on.

As for the landing gears, I personally see no problems with it. If you could go into more detail about it I am sure everyone would appreciate it.

Bug fixes will happen when the developers are able to. There is also no need to do a feature request for these types of fixes that have already been noted internally. Let’s save votes for the larger feature requests.