777 Feature List Discrepancy!

It has came to my attention that all 777 Family Aircraft do not have the “Multiple Liveries” on the feature list that pops up under the photo of the aircraft when you select, when really it should like most other airliners.

Has anybody else noticed this?


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Honesty, that really doesn’t matter xD

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You are right! It is simply just an observation I have made!


While we’re talking about problems with the 777, it’s not the 777-200F, it’s the 777F. If anything, it should be the 777-200LRF since the freighter is based off of a 777-200LR versus the -200/-200ER.

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@Boeing707 Boeing still planing to release 777BCF?

I honestly have no clue what happened to that project. I’m tempted to say it’s been cancelled because…

They need to sell some more 777 Classics so they don’t lose $ on the
transition to the 777X. Boeing would want customers to buy new build
777 Classics to bridge the gap (As we’ve seen at the Paris Air Show
with EVA Air Cargo and Qatar Cargo)

Second-hand 777s haven’t been selling like hotcakes (Especially the old -200s and -300s) so even though this is just a guess, there may not be much market and $ for converting a used 777.

Boeing makes more money if they sell new frames versus converting them.

This last one is kind of stupid, but maybe it’s reason. The Boeing 777F has been selling marginally well and maybe they want to sell more to get the program more orders/increase the success of the program/overall 777 Classic/complete program?

Just some thoughts…

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Do you work for Boeing or another Airplane manufactor?

I ask because sometimes you provide information that isn’t correct or far reaching in reality. BCF stands for Boeing converted Freighter, meaning that the airplane was once a passenger airplane that has been converted for Cargo use purposes. The 777 CANNOT be converted into a 777-200BCF hence why they made the 777F. The Floor of the passenger version cannot handle the load stresses on the modifications it would take to convert it to a frieght bird. That being said there will never be a Boeing 777-200BCF.

Not trying to be rude or obnoxious I just hate misinformation, especially if I’m the source.


Heavy Driver

I don’t work for Boeing (I wish 😢…)

Thanks for providing another reason.

Do you think there could have been a way for Boeing to strengthen the floor because if they were once considering the project, there must have been a way to “make it work”. IIRC, the 777BCF was once listed on their freighter aircraft page at carrying ____ tons.

Best, Boeing707

It might have been a thought at one point but there’s no way to modify the floor to handle the load / fire resistance of Cargo in the B777. They either build them as freighters or cargo.