777 family landing gear tilt

In IF the 777 landing gear is parallel to the fuselage and the landings look bad and kinda unrealistic. The same thing for takeoff

I pulled up like this to show how the landing gear isn’t to realistic.

And here you can see the difference.

I put this feature in here so that we can request for the devs to try if they can fix it.


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Landing. This was my landing in ORD and as you will see the gear doesn’t act like irl. It makes landings look sloppy and kinda floaty. Bc the all the man yea wheels doesn’t go all the way down until the fuselage does.



This is a known issue.

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I don’t mean for gear up and this isn’t an support thing Ik it’s kinda known. This shows that you didn’t really read it

It looks like you are pulling up on the yoke extremely early…perhaps check your V-speeds.

Ik that was on purpose to show what was happening

Well…then it’s not bad and unrealistic…it’s normal that the gear will remain like that…well…because you haven’t reached the proper speed yet.


Frist look at the videos and I can also show a landing if that makes it any better

Who said this ?
It’s already a known issue that normally, the gear stays down until the aircraft takes off.

Well, what is there to fix? You haven’t specifically stated what should be fixed, differing from the purpose of the category.

Maybe instead of “777 family landing gear” change it to “777 Family Landing Gear Tilt

As been mentioned earlier, I’m not sure if this is an issue at all. You need to adjust your Vr speed for the weight you are at. Notice how your takeoff was rather dragged out, in fact it was a near tail strike.

For all my recent flights, I’ve been having perfect gear tilts for both takeoffs and landings.

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Seconds 0:03 to 0:06 in the IRL video look almost identical to seconds 0:02 to 0:06 in the IF video, except for the fact that you didn’t takeoff. Is there another portion you’re referring to?

@Thunderbolt @Carolina_Taylor and EVERYONE who is saying this is not an issue… check my topic.

Why are the gear animations on the 772 so unrealistic?

Even Laura admitted there were issues with it…


Thanks @tunamkol

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Then, a feature request is not needed.

Ok I’ll send the landing to show what I mean

Looks like it might have been addressed?

Edit: That’s the B77W btw if maybe it’s aircraft specific.


Yes it has I Justin’s a feature request so that it shows if some people may want it foxed