777 Engine sound alarm

When using the internal view with the 777, and the engines on idle, does anyone else hear what sounds like a very low volume alarm/warning sound? I assume it’s tied to the engine sound, because it stops if I turn the engines off. There is no issue with any other aircraft, and I didn’t know if this was possible a result of the recent updates.

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On idle, the engines are still working, so be on fewer rpms, so it’s perfectly normal and realistic that there’s a low volume sound

Correct, lower power/RPMs means they are more quiet, but I’m not referring to the volume of the actual engine. It’s part of the engine noise/sound effect that occurs mainly when the engines are on idle.

I understand what you’re talking about - it’s the low pitch low volume sound that comes and goes every second, but there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s part of the engine soundpack