777 engine blades messed up


this is a known problem since open beta and is in the progress of being fixed

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Was this not how they originally looked when the 777 family was released?

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Nope there is 2 sets of engine blades in 1 engine

Ahh i just saw what you meant, i didn’t look close enough

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s a known issue :)

@HighFlyingAviation do you mean this?

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Also for the 77F


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No actually every 777

Ah okay, i hadn’t actually noticed in-game.

Looks like the 777 got some saw blades for an upgrade 😂😂😂. Hopefully they get that fixed.

This is a known issue and also this should be reported in #support

No need, its a known issue and its already been flagged in Open Beta as per links above