777 Delivery Flight!

Hi All,

Some screenshots from the Boeing Delivery Event hosted by @CaptainZac. I chose to fly the (often unloved) 777-200LR Emirates to Dubai non stop.

Route: KPAE - OMDB
Flight time: 14H45mins

  1. Cargolux returning after a test flight:

  2. Lift Off!

4 & 5) came back round to do a low pass (400ft, 210kts) recreating that famous Cathay Pacific 777 low pass at KPAE:

  1. touchdown right on the keys at Dubai after a long flight:

  2. parked ready to start commercial life:

Thanks for looking, was a very enjoyable event!


Nice pictures, my favorite one is the 4th picture

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Nice Picture, I also liked the ones of low pass by.


Thanks guys👍 thanks for checking them out

Very nice. I love the 777

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Me too, lovely aircraft to fly on here!

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Wonderfull pictures guy and also a Wonderfull flight !

Thanks for sharing these pictures, must have been a cool event! But that’s a somewhat too early touchdown ;)


Nobody’s perfect 😉