777 awkward landing

Looking at the 777 landings is awkward. Aren’t all the back wheels supposed to touch down before the front wheel does (just like the video below)? When looking at other people’s landings or at my replays, the back wheels finish touching down with the front wheel touching the ground.


Confused about what your saying. A proper landing starts with back wheels with their tilt and then the front of those wheels with the nose gear.

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Yes that’s the order, but in the game it’s :
1 - Back wheels
2 - front side of the back wheels and front wheel (at the same time)
That’s what I’m trying to explain

Ok but that’s not really a glitch. The only way to fix that is for the developers to make a whole new update on the 777 and how it lands.

Yeah, that’s why I made this post so they could notice it and hopefully fix it so it can land in the proper order

Is there an available video of the issue you are describing?

I see what you’re saying,I thought I was the only one that noticed that

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Gear tilt is still a new thing in IF, that’s why it may not look 1:1 to reality.


That sound tho.

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Ahh I see what you’re saying, and I noticed it too. The gear tilt is different irl compared to IF, but I don’t quite understand the back story to that. Maybe at one point they’ll fix that, who knows.

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I haven’t noticed yet but I’ll watch my replay soon as I touch down in DFW in 3 hours. Had a quick take off at LHR and I’ll watch the replay carefully. I’m still getting used to doing landings with a Tablet.

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I’ll make a video and post it here. Give me some time.

I too noticed this, and made a topic about it : Why are the gear animations on the 772 so unrealistic?
I completely agree with you!

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However, mine was closed by a mod and said it will be addressed in the future.

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@Thunderbolt just go see his post, it explains what I’m trying to say very well.

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