777 Autopilot Issues

After my long flight from EGLL to KLAX, I was on final Approach in the newly updated B777-200ER. Once I was on final and captured the ILS, I disengaged Autopilot and the plane almost pointed 45 degrees downwards. I always make sure to calibrate my device before disengaging autopilot so it cant be this reason. Since it only happens with this plane, I believe that Infinite Flight made corrections to the Autopilot Systems, ensuring the turns between fixes are smoother which unfortunately created a small bug when disengaging AP. Any Ideas?


Did you use trim? BTW Welcome to the community!

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Did you know your trim?

Also welcome to the community enjoy your stay :)

It is harder in real life because you don’t have a reactive yoke in front of you so you will often need to pull up (or using more trim) some when turning off AP to accommodate.

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did you calibrate before landing
it can play a big factor when on approach

Howdy, welcome to the community! Make sure you are adding the appropriate trim when inbound and are at a manageable speed. I usually set my trim to about 20% for the 777-200ER. Try testing that out in solo mode and see how it goes.

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