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Why sometimes when I’m in Solo I don’t see the 777 airplane on my app


Is your app updated to the latest version? If possible, can you also post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

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Even if your not up to date or something, the old 777-200er should show up at the very least. Do you have show Pro airplanes checked at the bottom? That would make it disappear, but if not have Pro I’m not even sure it’s possible to uncheck that. Have you flow/seen it elsewhere in the app? You reference that this is in solo, is it available to you in live? Or are you only mentioning that specifically because you only have solo?

hi do you have Infinite Flight Pro subscription? The 777-200ER/LR and 777-300ER requires an IF Pro subscription

It would help if you explained more what “on my map meant”

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