777 3D model/light glitch

Hi all!

This might be wrong catagory but since the open beta is closed i couldnt find a better place in the forum.

I noticed under certain circumstances there is a strange thing going on with the 777-300 fuselage. It appears to have something tot do with the way the sun hits the aircraft. See pictures for the glitch on the left side of the plane, just behind the cockpit. Extra screenshot with the time I was flying to recreate. Had it with two different liveries so seems type specific.

Location was KLAX, Tom Bradley int terminal and LA FIR at about FL120.

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I belive that is the light from the sun. Or just light in general. Maybe a reflection

Not thats not a reflection, pretty sure its not, could you please say me your graffic settings?

Known issue.

Also spotted and I believe it’s a glitch. Appears when graphic is not on high

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