777-300ER Wing Lights

I feel that the 777-300ER needs to have the iconic wing tip lights. This would provide a lot of realistic-ness to the wing view and make the entire plane (in my opinion) a lot better.


Yeh, should be great! ;)

Beautiful picture, and I totally want the wing light!

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I though it already had the strobes & nav light in IF?

The light at the end of the wingtip is missing. Strobe lights is still double flash a la Airbus and needs to change.


First we need wing flex on the 777 family…


I think the devs are gonna start releasing wing flex updates after they finish this big global flight and 787 update… Cant wait to see that come out

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A so small thing can make a big difference

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It can, especially this! I hope that the wingtip light gets added soon.

And the 772 dont forget!

Also 777F 😁😁😁😁😁😁 hehe

Definitely iconic. Should be added on the wing tips and the APU.
I absolutely love seeing this, especially at night.

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More specifically it isn’t called wing lights. It is part of the Navigation lights. We definitely need to add this missing feature.

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Exactly, agreed. I think they should change the title of this request. Maybe you should find a pic where you see all three lights? @Sahiltr


Jusr throwing this in there, but they also did not include cockpit lights in the update…


Nice requests. Lemme sacrifice a vote for this one.

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