777-300ER vs A340-600

  • 777-300ER
  • A340-600
  • They are both good

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Boeing 777-300ER without any doubts.


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Real life or in the game?

It’s in Real World Aviation…

Yes, but he posted a pic from IF.

This probably means both

777-300 is much better

The 777-300ER is arguably one of the best airliners ever built. Even Boeing admitted it performed much better than expected.

The A340-600 is a nice plane. I prefer the interior and 8 across seating.
It has a excellent ability for hot and high airports and is good at lifting heavy and dense payloads.
But those two abilities are at the expense of the two extra engines and all of the extra structure to support them.

Most airlines didn’t need those niche capabilities and the 8% extra fuel burn penalty, and got the 777-300ER instead. It was quite telling when Emirates cancelled their order, and Cathay Pacific got rid of their small fleet and got 777-300ERs instead.

In terms of looks a340, in terms of practicality 777.

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i only vote a340-6 because ive been on it :p

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I think A340’s look rather awkward.

To my understanding, Cathay had the A340-600s as a stop gap until the 77Ws are delivered.

Definitely the 777-300ER. I like the big round engines and the wingtips. The a346 looks like a sausage that grew wings and tiny engines.


Mostly the cockpit Windows

A340-600 all the way! You don’t hav to make a poll for that :D


A340-600 safely flies me between South Africa and the US. And it’s not noisy like Boeing planes.

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well if i had flown a 777-300ER i would of voted for it but in my opinion boeing is better then airbus