777-300er (topic finished)

My uncle flys the a380 for Emirates. You think that would be easier to fly then the 777-300?

I don’t have any issues like this when I’m flying a B77W.

Maybe instead of cruising at around 500kts, try cruise at around 350-400. Don’t know, never fly it much. But ask someone who flys it a lot, and I have tagged them.

Also try and descend like really early. So then you don’t get chaos of going into a dive.

I’ve never had the issue. Once you descend below 18,000ft, try have your IAS down to 280 knots. From around 13,000ft, you should be reducing thrust to get it down below IAS 250 knots. Keep your descent rate at around 1500 fpm. It should be easy to stay well under IAS 250. I can descend at 1800 fpm and keep my IAS under 250 knots…

Your cruise speed should only be around 310-320 IAS anyway, depending on altitude etc of course. I see the majority of people cruising at a ground speed of like 800+ knots which is about 30%-40% faster than the aircraft is designed to handle in real life! Don’t get stuck cruising at a ridiculous speed like that where you’ll never be able to recover from and slow down whilst your descending…

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Seems I forgot you when tagging people. Alrighty then, the problem can be solved…

I reduce my Speed before the top of descent. I pull the power down and wait until I m at 230 knts.
The I start my descent.

How fast are you going/descending?!
Above 10.000 ft the 777s fly with around 320 kts airspeed, 240-260 kts if descending, and the VS is about -1.600 ft/min
These are the speeds for the approach: 777-300ER flaps configuration

If you fly realistically you won’t have problems…


Guys I’m talking about 12,000 feet at about 300 I’m not cruising fast at all I literary just had a flight I even stayed below 10,000 at 240 knots XD it impossible. I decend sooooo early this aircraft is much too fast

What’s your typical descent rate?

I descent often with VS -1000 maximum -1400.
Only if I m late with descending I descent with maximum -2000.
I looked at Flightradar 24 and there the aircrafts descend with up to VS -2500.
Last week I spotted a A330 which descended with VS -3000…

The thing is… I can fly the A380 perfectly fine even the 747 but it’s just the 777-300 that is being a pain and it’s my fav plane too.

Maybe because the 777 has got 2 (powerful) Engnines?

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Flaps 5 when Decending. Slow down to 270 with spoilers then start -1200fpm decend

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normally at 10,000 ft the pilot’s don’t set any flaps

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I fly both the 772 and 773 fairly often so will offer a suggestion for you to try out!

Start of cruise at FL320, AP on speed set to M0.91 (prob a little fast I know!) this gives you a ground speed of around 530kts.

About 100nm from touch down start your descent.
Set Height to 12,000, VS 2500 and speed to M 0.73. Deploy Spoilers to “Flight”. Check your weight and balance so that you have MLW.

When at 42nm to go:
Speed to 240 kts
Ht to 6000
VS 2500

As pass 10000:
Speed to 220kts
VS 1500
Flap 1

When at 24nm to go:
set height to 3000
VS 1500
Flap 2

When at 12nm to go
set height to 1500 (to intercept ILS)
VS 500
Sp 180kts
Flap 3
Gear Down

At 6nm you should be on the ILS, make sure you have full flaps by now and slowed down to about 150 kts, set spoiler to “Armed” ready for landing.

Above is a ‘rule of thumb’ rather than an exact science (all depends on actual weights, wx conditions, runways lengths etc), but use above to plan my approach and adjust as I need. Like a lot of things its about planning in advance. A 777-3 weight in at about 300mt when fully laden so needs time to plan to slow down and land!

hope this helps?

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I forget what thread it was in but I slow to about 220-240 at 10,000 and then start my descent. While I am descending, I have my air brakes on to help with the speed. I fly 777-300 too and this usually works for me.

On my lunch break I flew again. I got up to 12k/400kts. Set the speed to 230, spoilers on. I waited until my speed dropped to 250 before starting to descend. With the spoilers on it appears that I could go to -2700 VS before my speed started to increase. This was a fun experiment for me. Hopes it helps. There was a help page around here somewhere that suggested to always use spoilers when descending to avoid the violations and so far it has helped me greatly.

Yes you need air brakes to slow down and also control speed on descent as well.

ap just makes sure you don’t go under the speed u desire

Thanks for the advice guys :) I am now able to land the 777-300

Chris . S thanks