777-300er (topic finished)

So I recently bought this plane and it’s really good. I can’t take off fine and everything. But this plane is extremely hard to slow down in the air even with flaps at 30 spoilers armed. So when ever I go below 10,00 I get like 10 reports for violations when I try to slow the plane down. I have tried everything. The only way I can slow down is by going to a higher altitude. I can fly all the other planes I have perfectly fine. I hope someone can give a few tips on how to get this super fast 777-300er to slow down.

Ps I have tried making the fuel tanks light as well.

Try and slow down before 10,000ft. Use the spoilers, about 1500fpm and low engine throttle, I don’t fly it much but if you need help I have a link.

Check out @Rotate, and his review he made:

What is your descent rate?

  1. Stay at 11,000 feet and reduce thrust to idle.
  2. Reach your desired speed.
  3. Go below 10,000 feet at 500-2000 Fpm and control your speed.
  4. If your going to fast, slow your descent rate or open spoilers in the flight mode.

Seriously even the slightest bit of decent takes up the speed

Just stick the AP on so it will control your speed.

The ap doesn’t helped either I’ll try it with that again but it really doesn’t help this plane is really difficult to slow down :( but it’s my fav plane

Maybe just fly the -200.

Ugh but then I have to buy that

To be fair it is a while since I flew teh 777-300ER so I will have a go soon. I don’t remember having any issues slowing - generally I was using the autothrottle to maintain speed and I may have used a bit of speedbrake but that would be it. As suggested by others as well, if I am struggling to slow I will stop or slow desceniding at 11,000ft and reduce speed first then continue the descent. Generally my max descent rate is 1,800fpm.

Btw if you flew with Flaps 30 at 250 kts in real life you would break your flaps!

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What plane do you fly ?

@Laurens, Please help this guy out. He’s having difficulties with the B77W, and since I know you are one of the people who fly it often, I thought you’d help.

Usually A380 most, then 737-800, and occasionally a 777-300ER.

Lol I know they would brake but the thing is I’ll probably get ghosted if I don’t slow down

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My uncle flys the a380 for Emirates. You think that would be easier to fly then the 777-300?

I don’t have any issues like this when I’m flying a B77W.

Maybe instead of cruising at around 500kts, try cruise at around 350-400. Don’t know, never fly it much. But ask someone who flys it a lot, and I have tagged them.

Also try and descend like really early. So then you don’t get chaos of going into a dive.

I’ve never had the issue. Once you descend below 18,000ft, try have your IAS down to 280 knots. From around 13,000ft, you should be reducing thrust to get it down below IAS 250 knots. Keep your descent rate at around 1500 fpm. It should be easy to stay well under IAS 250. I can descend at 1800 fpm and keep my IAS under 250 knots…

Your cruise speed should only be around 310-320 IAS anyway, depending on altitude etc of course. I see the majority of people cruising at a ground speed of like 800+ knots which is about 30%-40% faster than the aircraft is designed to handle in real life! Don’t get stuck cruising at a ridiculous speed like that where you’ll never be able to recover from and slow down whilst your descending…

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Seems I forgot you when tagging people. Alrighty then, the problem can be solved…

I reduce my Speed before the top of descent. I pull the power down and wait until I m at 230 knts.
The I start my descent.

How fast are you going/descending?!
Above 10.000 ft the 777s fly with around 320 kts airspeed, 240-260 kts if descending, and the VS is about -1.600 ft/min
These are the speeds for the approach: 777-300ER flaps configuration - #4 by anon93380253

If you fly realistically you won’t have problems…