777-300ER Super Haul Flight?

I’m curious can I fly from Australia to Japan in a B777-3ER? I know a 747 and A380 can do it.

Yes you can easily fly from Perth to Tokyo for example, even in a citation X

Depending on the airport in Australia, you are looking at about 10 hours flight time, plenty of time for the 777 series, DC-10, A330, and other widebodies.

The 777-300ER is capable of flying MNL (Manila in the Philippines) to New York’s JFK(John F. Kennedy), and that is about 15-16 hours, so, it should be just fine.

i once did KJFK-YSSY in a 777-300ER, so it should be fine, if i could fly 15+ hours nonstop in it, im pretty sure you could do a 10 hour flight!

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