777-300ER Speeds

Hello IFC!
I’m about to do a long haul in the 777-300ER. I was just wondering what the fallowing speeds are:

  • V1

  • VR

  • V2

  • Cruiseing Speed (in mach)

  • Final Approach Speed

P.S. I know that this would probably go under the “Real World Aviation” topic but I am still a TR1.

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Answer will vary but here goes:
V1: 170
VR: 175
V2: 180-190 (depending on load)
Cruise Speed M.84 or .85
I enter the glide slope at 180 KIAS and slow down to ~140 at 8 miles out.
Hope this helps


Thank You for your help!

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No problem :)

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A mod can close this I think.

I’d personally recommend slightly lower Vr numbers, but depends of course on load, flap settings, atmospheric conditions etc. Usually somewhere between 150kts-165kts would be appropriate, although V2 may well extend to 180kts in extreme circumstances.

V1 is more difficult to apply - it varies with the factors mentioned above and the length of the runway being used - a general rule of thumb is using V1 + 10kts to find Vr, so maybe work backwards using that?

There may be more information and experienced other may want to share, so best to let this be opened and Mod will close when they see the thread serves no mor purpose of receiving replies. For now, other may want says thing or two.

Hope you understand :)

I personally would say that as you mentioned depending on weight, V2 can also be 180, 170 or even as low as 160kts. All depends on length of the runway, your weight and the winds.

The cruise also is a M 0.84.

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Ok thanks.

The V speeds seem a little high unless you are at MTOW.

Landing will be around 140-145kts, Flap 30 at MLW.

Cruise is .84, remember though that the 300 series flies lower than the 200 series in the cruise. Start at 300-310 (odds eastbound, evens westbound) and then step 2000 every 4 hours and you won’t be too far out. You should be descending from a max of 370-380 to your destination.

I’ll have a look at what V speeds the system spits out when I’m at work tomorrow.

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