777-300ER speed glitch

Device:Iphone 7
Operating system:IOS 15

Im currently trying to fly the 777-300ER on the casual server, ARN-SIN. Near moscow right now the the plane refuses to go over ~300 knots at 35000 feet, despite the 777-300er cruising speed at that level being 490 knots. Anyone know why? I tried checking the wind patterns, nothing.

Are you talking about airspeed or ground speed?

Could also be his weight since a plane like that should be at FL300-320

Definitely airspeed, there’s like a 70 knot tailwind in that area, 300 GS would be like well into stall speed.

The 77W’s cruising speed is M 0.84, 490 knots is just an estimate (and it refers to groundspeed not airspeed).

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300 knots airspeed would be significantly faster than normal, isn’t it?

Yes, at that altitude it’s about M 0.93.

So, I spawned in to check on the situation and OP is doing 304 IAS at FL320 now which is M 0.89. The 77W can hold this but it’s going to burn so much extra fuel. OP, would consider slowing down to 0.84.

thanks i forgot that airspeed and groundspeed are different

Ok i will do that. i think ive probably already burned too much to make it to SIN though

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You can check out this (shameless plug) topic by me:

to figure out what altitudes you might be most efficient at. You can also use the calculator to determine if you can make it to SIN or not. It might be a bit inaccurate since you don’t really have a flight time measurement but it might give you a general idea of if you’d be close or not really.

apparently i have enough to make it to guangzhou but not singapore or even hong kong Ugh

You live and you learn. These things happen. Welcome to the community.


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