777-300ER problem

When ever I fly the 777-300ER it never levels out, it goes about 20 Ft above the 20ft below, is there a reason to this? And any answers?

When cruising, the speed of the wind splashes to the aircraft causing it to lift up through aerodynamics. It’s the physics of Infinite Flight. You could be flying at high winds if I am correct.

Not to worry you should fly at the correct altitude.
I hope I am correct.

No, even when winds are calm it goes up and down, even in extream winds in any aircraft it is tipically level, at most below and above 5 feet but the 777-300ER is horrible, I crash because of this, it is bad a leveling out, it stays at the correct flight level, but goes up and down by a good 20 feet

Yeah the A321 and 777 have this issue. I find it best for a temporary fix to disable the altitude when you reach cruise and set the VS to 0.

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Thank you, will try that out, it’s only the 777-300ER though, and I hadn’t noticed it im the a321

Good Luck…👍

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Try increasing your speed? I found out it happened to me too once, at higher altitude the air is thinner and too slow of a speed will bring the nose down - with auto pilot trying to fight it back.

I was at FL370 and Mach 0.87 do I need to be faster?

Mach .87 is a bit fast for the 777. Usually Mach .83 is a good cruise speed. Add some positive trim too.

Ok thanks, will try that as well

I also find slowing your vertical speed as you get close to cruise helps as well. I usually slow it to 1000fpm when I’m 2000ft from cruise, and 500fpm at 1000ft from cruise.

Have tried that l, it works sometimes, and other times it does not, but I’ll try that again, thanks!

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Yeah it’s hit or miss, it doesn’t eliminate the issue but does sometimes reduce it :)

About what positive Trim should I use 5% 10%?

I usually trim the 777 and 787 to positive 30-50% at cruise. You’ll see the magenta line disappear in the Trim box once you’re equalized.

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Ok thanks, trying it now!

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