777-300ER losing speed

Hi. Today I was flying a 777-300ER with 98% load out of lax to EGLL. I was climbing to FL380 and was passing FL300 when i started loasing speed with autopilot set and throttle 100%. I then begain to stall and had to end the flight. Does anyone know why this happand.

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Hi there!

What was your VS?

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3000 reduced to 2500

Step Climbing will help. 2500 - 3000 V/S is way too much for 98% load. 1000 - 1500 V/S will be much more beneficial.

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Hmm, that too much VS for 98% load. Try reducing the VS to 1,000.

ok. ANd i’ll try your step climing in steps @anon7075715

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Ok. Have a Great Flight.

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you must first lose weight before climbing to a high altitude with a total weight of the aircraft at (98%)
you lose weight by burning the fuel, you should stop at FL290 and after a few hours of flight you can climb higher, your climb has to be gradually to reach the altitude of cruiseiro that you prepared for your flight

You might be taking on too much fuel, nearing 100% load on a 10 hour flight is interesting, but I won’t talk since I don’t know T7 numbers.

If you were climbing at VS2500 then all you need to do is simply reduce your VS to something reasonable like 1200. Also FL380 is far too high to start, FL310 or 330 is probably better.

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I also want to remind you that flying to east your altitude should be an odd number, for many reasons I will not explain here to not leave the message too long
you would be at that altitude (FL380) maybe if you had an ATC and were flying in your airspace, and he allowed it, it would also be very difficult to happen, but not impossible

With 98% load you were obviously too heavy to fly straight to FL380.

It’s quite ok to use a higher vertical speed (2500 - 3000 feet/min) to get above the 10,000 feet. After that it’s good practice to significantly lower this, to say 1000 - 1500. And reduce further as you get higher.

And follow the step-climbing tips in the guide mentioned above.

Friendly Reminder People 😊

We have one or two too many posts referring to the same thing, that is for him to lower his V/S. as much as we love your contribution and help, it’s better to not posts something someone else already have said, as that adds to clogging up this thread. Instead you can add on to their posts with your own words, other area of his flight that needs improving to help him out :)


I could also fly at FL340 stopping at FL300

What your initial FL is depends on the weight of your aircraft as a whole (including, Fuel, Cargo and Passengers). So if you are able to fly at FL300 or even FL340 with 98% load then that is a option to go for. FL290 is not necessary unless you’re worried that your plane might stall and fall at FL340 if you climb up to that altitude right off the bat. You can try and experiment this on Solo or Casual and see what works and what doesn’t to get a good idea :)

yes you can stop at FL300 because in some countries the terrain is very high than the sea level, and you obviously need to be tall, reminding you to fly to E, S and SE, you must be at an odd altitude and W, N and SW you have to fly at an even altitude
If you want to know more about it, you can send me a DM

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