777-300ER lines above doors

Hello everyone,
Just wondering if this is an issue with everyone. I don’t know if it’s because I have my graphics on the lowest setting or something but with the 777-300 there are lines above the doors . I have attached some images. Thanks

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Note: it doesn’t happen with any other aircraft

Its how it is in real life

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This is actually quite a useful feature on most transport, especially aircraft and trains. It’s a small gutter/drain that redirects water during rain to avoid dripping from the top of the door into the aircraft, or onto passengers.


Oh cool . Haha never knew it was a thing despite the countless times I’ve flown on the 777. But is it supposed to be this apparent. Like irl it kinda blends in.


I actually didn’t know this existed but it’s super cool 😳

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These are for the gates buddy and probably use for weather

Yeah I thought you use it when you’re standing on the patio at cruise altitude to protect you from frisbees.

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