777-300ER Leveling Issue

Whenever I fly in the 77W, and then reach cruising altitude, the nose of the aircraft keeps bobbing up and down, and it gets progressively worse, up until the point where it can’t even fly anymore. Is there a way I could fix this?



You are probably flying too high. Try cruising at a lower altitude and step-climbing until you reach your final cruise altitude.

Take a look at this post as well for more information:


You’re probably too heavy to be at that altitude. It’s also possible you could be going too slow.


That’s super helpful, thank you!

I just wrapped another long flight in a 777-300ER for FNF. Have a look at a breakdown of the flight details below :)

  • Flight Level- 330

  • Mach- .83

  • Trim- 60%

  • Fuel Onboard- 13 hours of fuel approximately

  • Passengers- 330

  • Cargo- 28,000 pounds approximately

I moved this out of support as there’s nothing wrong with the aircraft. Some helpful tips, tricks and experience from fellow community members will help you better understand this aircraft.

Chris Levet


Did you do the step-by-step ascent like in the article above? And I never use trim, so that’s probably also something I should start doing

When i do a long haul,i usually fly at FL300-330… That is maximum… When i burned 20-25% of my fuel,i climbed to FL350-370 and stayed there until landing…

oo thanks for that helpful info, i’ll do that too

Once I was above 12,000, 18,000, 24,000 and then 28,000 I reduced my Vertical Speed each time until I reached cruise.

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In reality the 777-300 flies lower than the 200 series. This is primarily due to it’s increased weight and not much added to the wing!

Start at lower levels and then step climb in 2000’ steps as the fuel burns down. Normally you will end up at around F370 just prior to descent if you’ve done it correctly.

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Plan your flights with Simbrief. Simbrief gives you suitable altitudes for your weights.

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You could be flying too fast. Maybe check the top speed and re-access how fast you should go.

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