777-300ER Landing VS

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to see… whats and ideal landing vs in the T7?

Done a few landings today all manual landings

-189 VS
-180 VS
-100 VS
-80 VS


Those are all really good! The smoother is obviously the better, don’t forget to try to land smoothly without sacrificing the landing zone area :)


u made them all less that -200vs !!! way better than my landings

Depends, if you are coming in on runway 22L at JFK, then you might want to have a higher VS because it is a shorter runway, so you don’t want to float. On the other hand, if you were coming in to Denver, then you have the opportunity to float a little more, creating a smoother landing. Maybe around 150 VS. It really also depends on conditions. In a windy state, you should try and plant the plane down on the runway, to avoid getting gusted off the runway. On a clear day and a long runway, try and make the landing smooth to impress others, but safety overpowers comfort.


how do you know your VS on the landing?

Replays on solo mode

i get that but how do you determine the rate?

You just watch the VS on landing in the replay

Now that is SMOOTH…

I have LiveFlight Connect on my PC, it shows your landing stats as well as autonav (not available on macs)

Nope, liveflight connect on a PC all landing where on Live

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