777-300ER going full thrust with autopilot [SOLVED]


I’m flying from KJFK [New York] to UUEE [Moskow]. I just departed and am now flying at 26000ft after decending from 33000ft. I did this because the B777 was going full thrust above 26000ft.

Can someone explain why this is happening?

Thank you!

Whenever you increase the speed using the autopilot, the throttle automatically goes to full. It’s unrealistic, but there is nothing you can do except manually adjust power.

You also may have been climbing too fast, and your autopilot tried to maintain your speed. With a long flight like that, you could be too heavy.

No that’s not what I mean, it was full throttle ALL the time. It wouldn’t go down to 60% like it normally does.

Were you maintaining your desired speed?

Was the autopilot trying to make you over speed?

Yes I was at my desired speed and it stayed at the same speed

One last question. Were you climbing?

No I wasn’t, I’m flying the flight right now and I don’t have enough fuel to cross the Atlantic

This might mean you are too heavy to be at your altitude. I’d recommend step climbing.

Check this post out!

The question I have is, what Mach Speed were you flying at when you reached FL330?

Adding on, what speed are you flying now at 26000ft?

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How much fuel/pax/cargo did you put? Was it MTOW?

I was flying mach 0.87 as I normally do and I’m now flying at 345kt

That’s issue right there. The faster you fly the more fuel you’ll burn on shorter period of time. The B777 flies at M0.84 typically.

Also flying 345kts will decrease the range you can fly since you are pushing the engines to burn more fuel for a faster speed with a load factor to consider as well.


A 777 Should fly Mach 0.83 ish

I had about 9 hours of fuel/216 pax/don’t know how much cargo. It wasn’t MTOW

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Oh I didn’t know that, I’ll try it right away!

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Seems to me that your 777 was heavy, and struggling to maintain a very fast speed. Slowing down and step climbing should fix it.

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Try fly back up to FL330 but this time fly M0.84 and report back if your engines still are throttling up to maximum power.

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Yeah I’m trying that now

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That should solve the issue.

Unless you have burned the fuel needed to complete the flight.

Adding on to what @Captain_JR said, climb slowly. There is no rush! Don’t burn extra fuel to get up faster.

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