777-300er Ghost plane

Hey everyone I found two bugs on the Infinite Flight app. The first bug was that the 777-300er Eva Air was very small when i was selecting the Aircraft to do a short hop to Taiwan. And the second was that i could only see my spawned in Aircraft close up but if I zoomed out it disappears. This all happened recently after i finished my flight, and i just want to report now so that Infinite Flight team can rectified it. Thanks again and happy safe flying.

777-300er Ghost plane.

Baby 777-300er.

P.S: I am using the Samsung galaxy S10e with an Android 11 OS system.

Did you try to reinstall the app?

It’s a very spooky mystery :0

No i didn’t. I was thinking of doing that.

I just reinstall it and ot doesn’t work. Maybe Infinite would have to fix at their end.

I’ve got this one as well. Although I can’t really see which aircraft/airline is inside the 777. If it’s even an airline.

It’s the Air india express 737 but it’s a known issue, @John_Wixk_jr do you have daytime shots?

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I do only have one day time shot but at the parked terminal.

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