777-300ER froze on me

I was on approach into Dallas today and my aircraft froze on me, controls weren’t working, wouldn’t turn left or right & wouldn’t go up and down after a long haul flight, has this happened to anybody)

Hello, welcome to the community! Sorry this occurred, it stinks.

That said, do you happen to be on the open beta? If so, is the reproducible? In other words, can you make it happen again?

Can you make this happen with every flight or did it just happen once.

Often time time freezes cannot really be investigated.

Hi! Thank you, wanted to be apart to share my problems but also make friends.

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I was on open beta and I don’t think I can make it happen again, i don’t know if my plane froze because of the long haul. Although it kept flying and going down (ended up crashing) the controls didn’t work, it was really weird

Gotcha. Well, unfortunately, issues like these are hard to reproduce, thus being hard to pinpoint. For those reasons, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you encounter this in the future, before the RTM version, with a way to reproduce it, feel free to create a topic in the #open-beta category with the required information.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the community! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any here if you have any further questions, concerns, or inquiries. Enjoy your respective time of day!

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