777-300ER flaps configuration

To keep altitude and regulation airspeed under 10,000 my plane tends to have a 5 to 10 degree of nose up to keep altitude and airspeed with auto pilot on.

I’m assume it’s something with my flap settings. If anyone is knowledgeable about the 777-300ER regarding flap speeds while in a pattern and or approach please help me out. I’m always trying to increase my realism :).


How fast is your speed? Under 10k get it should be at least 200 for climbing me personally I use 240. A min after take off I’m able to retract all my flaps and accent normally!

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@Dacus1994 As a matter of mutual interest;
The Virtual Pilots Operation Handbook (POH) for the 777-200 produced by Delta Virtual is avail free as a PDFs on line. V’s and Flaps as posted can be extrapolated for the 300ER as a starter. The POH for the 700-300ER was also accessible in a free PDF form. I’m useing the free Delta Virtual version… Hope this helps. Regards, Max Sends

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Vref30 speeds per weight (lbs)
775.000___181 kn
750.000___178 kn
700.000___172 kn
650.000___166 kn
600.000___157 kn
550.000___151 kn
500.000___145 kn
450.000___135 kn
400.000___128 kn
350.000___121 kn

And from the Vref30 you can get the other speeds:
Vref0___Vref30 + 80 kn
Vref1___Vref30 + 60 kn
Vref5___Vref30 + 40 kn
Vref15__Vref30 + 20 kn
Vref20__Vref30 + 20 kn
Vref25__Vref30 + 10 kn

Notice that on approach only the Vref30 speed has a standard additive of 5 kn.


The 772 and the 77W have pretty different physics.

For the 772 there’s the Deltavia manual, right. But for the 77W I had to search through many handbooks for getting the speeds…

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I like 15 degree flap on T/O…retract at 220 kts
Climb/Rate 1000-2000fpm.

When approaching landing airport, about 20-25 miles out I am already at 200kts. I begin my flap down while descending. At 200kts/1degree flap. 198kts/5degree flaps, etc.
when I am at 1< mile out, I am at 180kts/30 degree flaps…locked & loaded.
I manual landing & power because I fly pretty heavy.

But hey, that’s just me. What do I know


180/30 at 1 mile. So what speed do you actually touchdown?

Oops, sorry!

160kts. Anything lower, I will crash. Fly Heavy. Can’t do the 140kts landing without booting 100 passengers and luggage. Lol