777-300ER does not level out at cruise altitude

When I fly the 777-300ER I get to cruise altitude and it doesn’t seem to level out it just keeps on going up and down for example reaches FL300 and does +600fpm and then goes down -600fpm and continues

Am I doing something wrong or is this just a problem that can be fixed?

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What’s the speed you’re flying at when that happens?

a normal cruise speed for a 777 mach .80 - .85

What helps is to deactivate the ALT autopilot and just set the V/S autopilot to 0. That should keep the plane stable.

Luckily, the 777 will be reworked, that should fix all issues 😃

This issue usually only occurs on the 77W when you have too high VS when approaching your desired altitude. The autopilot is unable to compensate for the quick shift in vertical speed, and starts bobbing instead.

So the issue is user induced, but we can probably work on the autopilot a bit and we will :)


thanks! :)

Nice, the 777 is fun to fly but it bobs.

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