777-300ER Development

Since development has started on the 77W, I wonder how long a 77L would take, since body and wing would already be complete.

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This might give a brief idea.


I saw that before 20.1 they said “The B77W will continue three months after 20.1”

yea, a few posts before 20.1 was released, the devs said that you can fly the whole reworked family by the end of the year

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Where did you get this information? 🙃


i wonder if the development thread will be updated

It would probably be a new one since that was for 20.1.

Unless it’s gonna be this one… 👀


the 20.1 thread? that’s 20.1, we would have to restart a whole new thread

oh alright.

Once there is something to report, it will be announced.


It was official, that for sure, but I don’t remember more.

WHAT!!! They working on the 77W already

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are you sure they haven’t been already?

Tbh, I’m very excited mostly about the 777F.

They’ve said that the 77W is coming last. They could be working on everything at once but I wouldn’t bet on it. They’d most likely focus on the other variants beforehand.

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I dont’t belive they gave any specific order.

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Theres no particular order

Actually, seeing the Instagram post…

Theres a sneak peek of the 300ER apparently.



Ah man, hope they get the engine spinners right. The engine spinners on the GE90-94B are from the Trent XWB.