777-300er cruising problems

Once I hit my cruising ALT. the plane tends to go up and down and not stay level anyone know what causes this?


A few possible causes are:

  1. You’re Flying too slow…
  2. You’re too heavy for that altitude, that’s why one must stepclimb.
  3. Idk, that’s all i guess… :P

It would be great if you could provide us with the info about the question i’ve written below :)

  • What ALT are you at?
  • What is your weight?
  • What speed are you traveling at?

Like @Captain_JR said
Please elaborate
Many times we can’t give an answer unless u elaborate


Also make sure that your flaps aren’t down while in cruise. :)


Hi, happened to me too, when the plane reaches the requested ALT its going up and down… This is a bug but you can solve it by playing with the VS. If you are in 37500ft and you want to be in 38000 you need to lower your VS. Don’t trust the autopilot!

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this is known issue like A321 it’s a bug I have created this topic before

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Don’t ascent too fast, the autopilot can’t stabilize you, it is also unrealistic if you do so.
Anywhere between 1800-2600fpm should be fine.

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That’s odd, I’ve read through your topic about it but can’t unfortunately say the same for me, as I’ve never experienced that on 777… And it’s by far the plane I’ve flown the most out of the 3200 flight hours i have.

I haven’t had the issue where plane pulls up and down by 400fpm. Although i was able to recreate sort of what you mentioned in your topic by pulling down the speed to M .76 and climb to FL350 right away with 80% load but since those numbers doesn’t seem realistic, and i don’t fly like that in usual circumstances, I’ve therefore not seen this bug. Maybe it has happened to me but then i wasn’t looking at my device but from what i know and remember i haven’t faced this issue, not a large scale like this. But I’m not negotiating the fact that there is an issue with the 777.


Nope, that way to high to climb per minute.


Uhhhhhhhhh I’m sorry but 5000-6000 fpm??? That’s what a damn space rocket climbs at.
Especially with a super heavy 747, once you’re above like FL200, you will want to climb at no more than 1500 fpm on a 747 stocked with long haul fuel.


that’s right, if we use 5000-6000 rpm. That’s too high, if it left maybe can likely cause stalling


Indeed, 5000-6000fpm is unrealistic and only something fighter jets do.



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