777-300ER bobbing up and down at cruise

Is there a fix for this yet? Remember questioning this over a year ago and it seemed to be a well known issue, nothing seems to have changed yet?

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G’day, It’s still a known issue, should be fixed in the rework.

Any chance you known when that’s gonna be?

Most likely next year, it’s currently being worked on as we speak.

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Cheers bud thanks for the heads up

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the only way to improve this is to set your autopilot manualy to 0.

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That, and slow down your climb when you’re getting closer to cruise. So say you held steady at 2000 when you’re 2000 ft away from cruise drop it to 1000 then after a minute or so 500 and then at cruise 0👍


I’ve tried those to reduce the bobbing but it’s still pretty volatile in general. Also find when deploying flaps on the 777-300 the planes like a seesaw and very volatile, that’s when deploying them at the correct speed etc according to the manufacturer. Tend to avoid using this plane or the A340 which I have a similar experience with. It’s a shame as they’re both beasts!

I don’t understand how you’re having issues, i fly every 777 all the time, and sometimes just below the MTOW and still never run into the bobbing issue

No idea bud, seems to be a well known problem though?

Think somebody mentioned a year ago the weight region winds etc all have a part to play? But no idea just wanted to know if a fix was planned anytime soon.

From what I have read, based on what Seb has said, if a pilot reaches their assigned altitude with too high of and VS, then the aircraft will try to over-correct that by descending and ascending, which translates into the plane bobbing up and down. So avoid that from happening, well, you do and @AlphaSeven said above, that is to manually adjust the VS till you reach your desired altitude and have the VS turned off :)

I will say, I too myself, like you @Alphadog4646, have no issues with the 777, not everyone seems to have it or at an as big of an rate as others, no mater weather or weight.


Well then we have to wait till the 777 rework is done👍

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It is called a B777 rework