777-300ER Bobbing at cruise

Out of curiosity, how would this help me?

My theory is that it would fix the autopilot trying to overcompensate, and the pitch of your nose relative to the horizon will be greater, which could be causing the problem considering how light you are and your altitude is only FL310.

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You were misled. I suggest you maintain at least Mach 0.84 and take the advice given above regarding VS, step climbs and trim. I’ve logged over 60% of my flights in Infinite Flight on 777-300ERs and I have never experienced this issue since Global was released last year. At a load of 64%, your initial cruise altitude should be in the region of FL310-340, trimming at around 15-25% and as you climb to cruise reduce your VS steadily to at most 1900fpm above FL280. I hope you enjoy your future 777 flights.

For cases of turbulence, it would be normal for your plane to bob but it shouldn’t be much.

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