777-300ER Approach Speed @ 60% Load

When I am flying the 777-300 ER at 60% load, I often find it difficult to maintain a VS of around 600-700 fpm at an approach speed of 145-155 knots. The plane seems eager to drop (with VS of around 1000+ fpm). I need to maintain the speed around 160 kts to keep the nose level and VS < 900 fpm. What could be the issue and is the approach speed of 160 kts realistic? This doesn’t seem to happen with the A-330 or other aircraft, where I can land with much lower approach speeds at same load.

Thanks for your help!

This checklist for FSX suggests that the landing speed for a 777-300 would generally be around 150 KIAS. Are you over MLW?

Seems to be a little too slow…
Check this:

I recommend you to keep a weight of 500.000 lbs (should be around 20% Load).

Hi @htchngs,

For normal and heavy settings in IF, the weight is always above MLW. So yes, I am over MLW.

Does it mean I should always fly light?


You can fine tune your weight by pulling up or down the individual sliders for fuel, passengers and cargo.

For the 777-300, I would suggest:
Fuel Tanks at 24,556 kg (or thereabouts)
Passengers at 38,710 kg (fully loaded)
Cargo at 20,000 kg (fully loaded)

They don’t have to be those exact figures, but as long as you’re under MLW, you should be fine.

Then give landing a go at 150 KIAS. :)

(or you can calculate the V-speeds to be much more accurate, like @Laurens said)

It would be better to fly with a typical landing weight, otherwise you were constantly going too fast, causing trouble especially for Tower and Approach controllers by trying to sequence planes.

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Its till hard for me to land at 150 knots even though my load is 25 percent

The physics of the 77W has changed since the update :)
Added gear drag

I tested it out and managed to stay on the glide at about 140 KIAS.

The gear drag was already there.

@Logan_Whisman The pic shows how the HUD of every aircraft with slats should look like on approach. This is a B77W with 20% load. image

Anyway, take a look at the data in the link above, it’s very accurate.

It wasn’t prominent earlier But It is prominent now

I dont use trim but i just used it with trim it works better now

I use +20% trim for 777-300ER and approach speed is around 145 knots

Flare is around 138 knots

Weight is around 50%?