777-300ER approach bug

On approach in live my 777-300 tends to turn upside down and suddenly overspeed without change in throttle

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Device settings and version of app? I have never had this happen, maybe is it that you are deploying all your flaps at once while overspeeding?

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What’s your speed when that happens?

Am very good at landings.ive done over 50 successful landings with the same aircraft in solo and live only that this is the 2nd time it did that to me.trust me its not what you think furtive

@Laurens 155knots and within a sec it shoots to over 250knots even with full power that isnt possible

Not sure on this here but have you calibrated?

@Sumith_M no calibration. Even if it were what about the speeds

There you go, you didn’t calibrate before disengaging A/P.

@Sumith_M it was still on when it did that.calibration would only affect pitch not overturning in a blink of an eye

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If apple, was auto-rotate locked?

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Lol…@kevin not apple android

Was it like this?

You tagged a different kevin BTW…

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You just gave me an idea maybe its an autorotate bug…but don’t get me wrong i didn’t rotate my phone

Then let the big bosses take it :) I am not experienced enough for it… ;)

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