777-300 fuel

How much fuel do I need to fly to Dubai to Los Angeles

Good Afternoon, @Maxford.

The amount of fuel required to get from Dubai International to Los Angeles International is.

138,074 kgs
16:00 hours of fuel

Please note if you want to get direct fuel numbers like this then you can go to FPLtoIF which gives you fuel required etc.

You can find that website here: https://fpltoif.com/

Please note: To use the Simbrief version you need a simbrief (Now Navigraph account) to access it. You can also use flightaware.

I hope this was helpful! Enjoy your flight to LAX if you decide to head there!


17 hours of fuel

138 tons of fuel is about 19:30 hours

That is the information I got from FPLtoIF. I do not know how they do the fuel calculations but if it is way more than needed then adjust as needed.

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