777 - 300 Flight

Hey guys, I have been flying the 777-300 recently and have noticed that the aircraft struggles to maintain a specific altitude, constantly dipping up and down.

Note: I have been flying at 37,000 feet mostly at M 0.86.

Does anyone have any tips to resolve this? Or is it a widespread issue?

Lower altitude until you burn off fuel. try FL330 or a little lower:)

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What’s your load? You may be too high. The 777 cruises at Mach 0.84 FYI.

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Oh yeah, I have a flight going now so I will try that. Thank you

My load has been pretty light. No more than 70,000 - 80,000 kg of fuel and pretty light cargo/passengers as I am taking into account world activities atm. Thanks for letting me know about the cruise speed. Didn’t even think to check that.

Along with the possible solutions other members have mentioned, the 77W is known for bobbing if you turn out ALT. To this day, I don’t believe it’s been fixed so the trick for this is to NOT use ALT but instead when you get to the cruising altitude, you set the VS to 0/

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Yeah you can check your load % by using the bottom widgets (things that tell you speed, ground speed, yoke direction, winds, etc.) It may be different for you.

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In addition to what everyone said, these issues will hopefully be resolved once it is reworked (after the 772 which is first)

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Ah yes, my load has only been around 45 - 60% over my current flight. The tip about no set altitude and keep the VS 0 resolved it.

That works a treat. Thank you.

Yes this happened to me a few times ago, here is what I do, let’s say your climbing to FL370, and your VS is 4000FPM when you get around FL360 lower it to around 1000FPM, and if the nose still goes up, and down and up and down, the. Go down to about 5,000 to FL320 slowly and you should level off at that new altitude, if all done right, BOOM FIXED👍👍👍

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