777-300 flight -> Sydney ( YSSY ) to Tokyo ( RJTT )

Hi ! Here are some pictures I took last night during my 777-300ER flight from Ana between Sydney and Tokyo !

The plane will take off from Runway 34L in the direction of the North and the Pacific Ocean to reach the Asian continent, the flight will last a little more than 9 and a half hours.

It is then only 7:40 am and the plane is ready to embark the 493 passengers and the 14 tonnes of cargo that will accompany us.
All that’s missing is the 85 tonnes of fuel!

That’s it, it is 8:02 am and the plane takes off just after the landing of a boieng 787-8 !

Cruising altitude reached and today it will be FL370 with a small escort accompanying us to the Pacific Ocean

Hidden below us another 777-300ER is also heading to the Asian continent but has for destination China

As long as the sun begins to decline, our 777 will put its wheels in Japan
Landing Runway 34L

And here it is at the destination !

Thanks for taking the time to read everything, the next post like this will be in Europe and the Middle East !


Really nice! That last shot really shows how big the 777 is when it’s put against 3D buildings.


Yes, it’s true ! I have always found this plane very beautiful and impressive


That must be a really beautiful route


Nice pics! I did the same flight a few weeks ago its a very good flight

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@Timothy_SHU safe flight to Sydney! :)