777-300 Fixed?

Hello I would just like to know if the 777-300 is fixed because I have been seeing a lot of people on it

There is no confirmation yet as far as we know.

So stay patient :)

I’m just saying because a lot of people fly it

Unless they don’t mind the problem

I don’t think our developers have anything done with the 777 yet.

Well thanks y’all I just wanted to know if it was good, due to people flying it( long routes)

What problem?

It was a problem of they plane reacting( then ending with a crash)

That’s not a good conclusion of why people are flying it that much. There might be another reason behind it. Night has started at some places so they’ll probably fly the 777 for overnighters.

There is no problem with the 777s it’s perfectly fine with me been flying 7,000 miles with them every weekend and I don’t encounter problems


Sorry @schyllberg and the rest

Am probably just behind

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I believe he was referring to the pitch oscillations during cruise.

No, the 77W, or 777 family in general, hasn’t been worked on yet. It is just a nice aircraft with a bounty of liveries. People just like to fly the 777. No logical reason why people fly it when we have so many cool GA aircraft with amazing features. But people just like what they like.

I’ve never had any problems with it crashing. It flies great for me. It will be great when it gets reworked though.

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You are right @anon7075715

That issue seems to vary quite a lot from person to person. Some stumble upon it every time, some people face it sometimes, others very rarely and then there’s me who for one have not had any problems with it at all. Sure it did bounce up and down once or twice, but out of 100 flights, only 1-5 is affected but not as severely as some report saying the plane stalled and crashed, that has never happened to me and the bounce I’m talking about on my end is not even noticeable…

A reason to why people fly the 777-family of aircraft is mainly because it is one the most popular airframe in Infinite Flight that by the way has a huge selection of some the worlds leading airlines which allows for some incredible realistic routes to be made. The range of this aircraft may be another factor contributing to the amount of 777 in the IF sky, plus don’t forget that the 777 is considered as the backbone for many of the worlds largest airlines, making it very popular IRL too, which translates into more people wanting to fly it in IF. That’s what I can guess out to the reason as to why so many tend to fly the 777.

I myself, fly the 777, anywhere between 5-15 times a week is because it’s the one aircraft I’ve flown the most in IRL, which has led me to like it a little bit more than most a other commercial jets out there, and also by spending 1000+ hours on it, I’ve figured out basically most of it, how to operate it as realistically as possible :)

Just finish a route in on this morning. The model is still good but itill get better😎

There is no problem with it if you pay attention during FL changes and use the aircraft correctly. Just like you should be doing on any other aircraft