777 300 ER pax door not

In this new update for 777-300ER when clicked on pax service at ground the doors doesnt opens. It was there in actions coulmn earlier.


Just confirming that the door that the jet bridge is attaching to, is the door that is not opening?

This would be the only door that does open as the option to manually open individual aircraft doors no longer exists in 22.4.

Yes thats the door.
But whats the point in connectingt the jet bridges when the pax door is not open?

The aircraft door should open once the jet bridge is full connected. Most of the time the door is hidden when the jet bridge is connected. Have you tried using the free-cam to double check that the aircraft door isn’t open or if it may just be hidden by the jet bridge?

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Its not open.

im also gotted this issue for a330 aeroplane and also 777. the jetway button im cannot see this and it no allow me to do catering and cargo machine.

What about when i am on a remote stand without jet bridges?
There is no option to open the pax door…

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I was at a remote stand with an A330 and when I attached the PAX part of the ground services, the door opened once the air stairs were in their position. I don’t know about without ground services though

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This is not happening with 777-300ER

They have been having issues with getting door L2 on the aircraft (777/757/330) to open when connecting both jet bridges, I have seen comments from the Devs that they are aware of the issue and will be looking into it to resolve in the future.

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