777-3 Nose Gear Door Writing

It may just be me, and it maybe be only this livery but I have not had the chance to look. But I’m currently flying the 777-3 in AA livery and looked at the nose wheel door and noticed it said 77-4 which I then compare to a picture I have of the 777-3 I flew on two days ago in AA and it says 77-3 so I don’t know if this is a big or the way they wanted it. But just wanted to let you all know.

What you’re seeing on the nose wheel, especially on planes that are in the USA, is the fleet number or some other identification code for the airlines. Having taken a look at some pictures of N720AN online, also the American Airlines B777-300ER that’s in game, it appears that the nose door has 77-4 printed on it. I doubt they’ll want to fix something that isn’t broken.

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That’s weird that’s one of the only one in the AA fleet that have that!

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