777-200LR Range

I am planning on doing YSSY-KBOS and WIII-KIAD on a 777-200LR. Do you think it will make it?


Calculate how many NM the YSSY-KBOS is and find out if the fule is enough to get you there. Same with WLLL-KIAD


Probably not. I did a flight from KSFO to YSSY on a 787 9 and I ended with almost an empty tank. (I did stepclimbs too) so let alone boston, where you have to cross the pacific and the US, i recommend doing a connecting flight from an airport like KLAX, KSFO, or KORD.


Hey guys I use fpltoif.com and other than maybe having to edit the flight plan to line up with a runway it’s 99.99% of the time accurate on everything else


You can take the A380. The super jumbo can make that distance. :)


what about a 747, would that make it?


I think the 748 can. Not sure about the -400.


The range of the 777-200LR is 8,555 nmi (15,843 km), Also check out this document my @DeerCrusher.

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You can probably do it if you know how to step climb, it’s essential for fuel saving.

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im not to sure but i did a 8000nm fllight with the LR without stopping


What should I do for fuel saving?

I got step climbing listed, what else?

Wait, did you have a full tank of fuel? Cuz I did Perth to London on a 787-9

Climb slowly, suggesting like 1000VS after 10,000 feet it saved me a good chunk a fuel on ULH, and don’t pack max passengers or cargo, keep the cargo below 10,000KG and like 250-270 PAX should work, i’ve personally never flown the routes but i fly OTHH-NZAA which is just over 8000NM in the LR so you should be good:)

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No cargo, no passengers, and a full fuel tank maybe, maybe, maybe

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For YSSY to KBOS, it is 8,763 nautical miles. Hopefully I can make it!

Also, which flight is possible with the 777-200LR?

Jakarta to Washington DC


Sydney to Boston?

Both should be possible, you’re just going to have to take certain measures to ensure you make it to your destination.

Step Climbing - the higher you go, the more efficient fuel burn is. You have to start out lower, but every couple of hours you should go up about 2,000 feet higher.

Don’t bring any cargo or pax - just full fuel. Lower your VS to around 800 to 1000 after climbing through FL100, as this will save fuel and you don’t have to use as much power to go higher.

Hope this helps - and I hope you make the flight! :)

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You’ll easily make it if you don’t take cargo/pax. With full fuel you could just cruise at FL330 the whole time and have tons left over. You could even take cargo/pax up to MTOW and it still wouldn’t be a problem.

It should work. Probably about 16-20hrs flight time

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