777-200lr jfk-mle

I am going to fly from New York’s JFK to Velana International Airport in the Maldives, and I am going to fly the Boeing 777-200LR. I always try and make my flights realistic as possible, and I was wondering if the 777-200LR can make this flight in real life? Please let me know, thank you!

it was designed for ultra long haul so either use the a350 or the 77L. remember step climbing is key

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Yes, the 777-200LR could fly from New York to Male in real life. It’s around 8,700 miles which is the same distance as Air India’s 777-200LR flight from Bangalore to San Francisco.

The longest 777-200LR flight is Qatar Airways’ Auckland to Doha flight which is 300 miles longer than New York to Male.

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Dang, USA to Maldives, that is a long one

I did a 25 hour flight on time in the 77L
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