777-200LR fuel issue

So I’m trying to do a 23hr flight in the Boeing 777-200LR (which I’ve seen multiple users say is possible). My flight is NZWN to LEMD (11,331NM). However - even after allowing the airplane to calibrate for over 2hrs, it still says it cannot make the trip, despite having full fuel, and no luggage or passengers. What am I doing wrong?

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As the fuel burns, your aircraft will become lighter thus requiring less engine thrust to propel the aircraft through the air. I’ve been short on fuel by 5 hours and have made up the shortage simply by burning off the fuel. Its completely normal. 🙂


It can do around 27 hours with max fuel. There are some inaccuracies with the fuel calculations

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So just allow it to continue even if the fuel gauge is red?

How much % is remaining and how long have you flown for. Also what speed?

It depends. How much fuel (time) do you have left? And how long until you arrive at your destination (time)?

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Well I tried the route about a week ago. I had been in the air for about 2.5 hours, doing M 0.83

Okay with max fuel I know that will get 27 hours or so, do it on the casual server but yeah I have done those test flights at least 30 times to check the accuracy.

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Okay. Thank you. I’ll try it again and just let it continue.

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Update: At about 7:40AM today, I was at 49% (yikes) and the fuel gauge was still red…

And how long have you been flying?

And what alt

If you can, fly at a high altitude. It has less atmospheric pressure, therefore flying higher save a load of fuel in most cases :D

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Sorry for late reply. As of now, I’m at FL320, doing M 0.83, for 15HRS

Uh oh…I’m only at 32,000

Go up to 340. As things look you should be fine I guess. The red fuel indicator can’t be fully trusted until it’s within an hour or so of your destination

There’s one problem with that…it’s on my ipad at home, charging. I’m at school. And I have work right after

But I planned for it to land an hour after work ends

I would go up to FL360 or FL380 slowly so you could get more time.

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Read my last reply. Haha