777-200F or 777-300ER?

I’m torn between choosing from these two planes, help. Please vote! :D

  • 777-200F
  • 777-300ER
  • Another plane (Tell me!)

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I think the B77W looks better, totally up to you though. I love the longer planes.

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773er is a nice plane but 200F is a easier plane to handle, I think.


777-300ER is winning! :D

B773ER livery liked more, because the largest plane of turkish airlines

B772F is my preferred service.

I’ll answer this question with a question, have you bought any other in-app purchases with cargo liveries
Eg. 757-200
A330-200f etc.
If not I’d get the 777f as this would be good to fly in Cargo only events, if you do have any othe planes with cargo liveries, I don’t know what you should do.


I like 777-300

You might want to consider the fact that four engines rule 😉 e.g. the A346- it is a nice plane… and the 744 has great liveries.

He is asking for a decision between those two aircraft, not one that ha four engines.

I do like them as well, but let’s stay on topic please.

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B773 is my absolute favourite

One of the options is “other aircraft (tell me)”
He did

No offense meant. I thought poll option number three asks people to elaborate…

Sorry, did not notice that one. My apologies.

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The B777-300ER is tough to fly and operate in my opinion. It is hard to slow down during descent and also climbs like a rocket during takeoff. The overall quality of the 777-300ER is nice; though, I would prefer the 777-200F.

The 777-200F, B772F or whatever doesn’t exist.
It’s simply Boeing 777F or B77L.
Same with the 777-300ER we have in IF. In ICAO it’s called B77W, the B773 is an other aircraft.
“B773ER” is terrific…

I have both models and I recommend you the 777F as it’s easier to handle.




I agree with you Laurens but see what Wikipedia says:

" When referring to different variants, Boeing and airlines often collapse the model number (777) and the variant designator (-200 or -300) into a truncated form (e.g., “772” or “773”). The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aircraft type designator system adds a preceding manufacturer letter (e.g., “B772” or “B773”). Subsequent to the capacity number, designations may or may not append the range identifier (e.g., 777-300ER as “773ER”, “773B”, “77W”, or “B77W”). These notations may be found in aircraft manuals or airline timetables. "

B773ER does not exist but:

B777-300ER = B77W = 77W = 773B = 773ER.

I would tend to use 777-300ER, B777-300ER or B77W.

Hope this helps :)

777-300ER storming ahead.

What if you buy both planes?