777-200ER vs. 777-200LR in the new update

Is that enough to make people spend 5 more dollars, instead of just being a 777-200ER/LR, and depending on what livery you get, you get the aircraft

good point, btw, I wouldn’t agree with the “Completely” ;)

It actually is. This is very commonly heard on this forum that when the team makes a brand new aircraft, it needs to be paid so the team can get paid and make IF better. This is their job.

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Maybe… i just Think is the same as adding new liveries

Very true, and people always want things free which will never happen in this era and the other…anyway, they are slightly different…

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But with slightly new physics

Placed in general category as this has nothing to do with support at all.

Will the update be free if we have already purchased the 777s before?

Yes the update is free…and what you have purchased will still remain.

Lol there is no such thing as a paid update.

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